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Genuine Supra Snap
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Friendale's Patented Saftey Snap

There is nothing like it in the industry. At long last a reusable saftey snap that automatically releases your horse in a panic situation.


The Supra Snap Story

The World's Only Reusable Auto-release Safety Snap Reassembles in seconds!
Moisten the rubber gasket, press the pieces together & twist.

...Over the years many products have been designed to release a panicking horse. "Panic" snaps required the handler to step into harms way exposing the user to flailing hooves. Trailering presents aditional problems, commonly there is no handler available to release a panicky animal. The situation typically escalates.

Then came a cumbersome snap that automatically released a panicking horse. The snap simply broke under extreme pressure, rendering it useless. There also have been fuses and add-ons. Not one of these products offered a simple reusable solution.

Problems existed with every creation, as individuals attempted to solve this potentially life threatening situation.

Being horsemen too, we knew there had to be an answer. The snap had to look, work, feel & be the size of a regular snap. It had to be simple to use & maintain. It had to be reusable.

Introducing... Supra Snap. It looks, works & feels like a regular snap! The secret is the rubber gasket.

The gasket holds the snap firmly together under normal useage conditions, like tieing or leading.

If a panic situation occurs, the rubber gasket will compress allowing the snap shank to separate from the snap tie ring. No human intervention is needed.

Rejoining the pieces is easy. Moisten the rubber gasket, press the pieces together, & twist while continuing to press.

Your Supra Snap is good to Go!










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