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Many Thanks go to Our 2003 Sponsors, Volunteers & Supporters

Special Kudos'

John Nunn, president of Bit of Britain, for his continuing guidence

Susan Muzzy & B. Bailey for their continuing support and volunteerism

Elaine Ludwig for her amazing support & generosity

The Cook family for their continuing support and volunteerism

The Roth family for their continuing support, guidence & extraodinary help

Additionally, we thank the many volunteers who have given their time & muscle, who help us to bring you this quality facility!

You can become a Friendale Sponsor!


—Eventing garners thousands of spectators and participants each year. These athletes need places to train and compete. There are many aspects to the sport of Eventing. One of the most frustrating things an Eventer will encounter is the lack of suitable places to train for the cross country phase. Many have to travel hundreds of miles for training.

To begin, a suitable cross country course requires acreage. Larger tracts of property are dwendling. Tight turns on little acreage, simple circuritous routes, flat terrian without dips or hills do little to test the skills or train either horse and rider. The turf needs to be groomed so it is consistant and able to withstand many horses' galloping hooves.

Next you might want to build a few cross country fences. But, you can't just throw down a some logs & call them jumps! Obstacles need to be built to certain specifications. They also need to be constructed in a manner to exemplify safety for both horse and rider. What may appear to be a simple log laying in the field, has to be placed correctly (using the terrian to ask both fair & appropriate questions to the level of horse & rider), measured, staked (so as not to roll should a horse hit it), skinned (ensuring there are no injuring protrusions) & the footing infront & behind need to be in place. ---So much for the simple log!!!

This is costly... Much more goes into building & maintaining cross country courses than even the most avid fans or riders stop & think about. A simple water complex, for instance, costs roughly $15,000.00 to build. That is one fence on a course, which may have from 12 (at the lower levels) to 30+ (at the more advanced levels) fences. Cross country jumps and courses are expensive to construct & maintain!

Friendale has committed their property, time & money for the development of Eventing and the needed facilities. We are hard working regular people putting our blood & sweat into this endeavor. Your generous donation will help to ensure W. Michigan has the much needed facilities for our Eventing athletes!!!

Please help our Young Riders, Pony Clubbers, adults, males & females alike enjoy continued participation in this sport thru your generous donation.






Sponsorship Levels

One Star Sponsorship $150.00
Two Star Sponsorship $250.00
Three Star Sponsorship $500.00
Four Star or Corporate Sponsorship $1000.00+
Eventing Friends under $150.00




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